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Starrry Plough Kitchen MenuStarry Plough Kitchen Specials and Menu Home of the original Ploughburger, our kitchen is open from 4pm – 10pm, Mon-Saturday. All of our menu items are made fresh and our pizza dough is made daily. We offer take out, but do not deliver. (510) 841-2082. Be sure to tip Ricardo! Daily Specials Monday – Corned Beef and Cabbage Tuesday – Baked HamWednesday – Grilled SteakThursday – Roast BeefFriday – Baked ChickenAll Specials come with mashed potatoes w/gravy, and vegetables, except Monday’s meal which includes boiled potatoes and carrots. SandwichesBaked HamBLTClubCorned BeefFishPastramiRoast BeefSalamiSteakTuna TurkeyBurgersHamburgerCheeseburgerBacon CheeseburgerMushroom Bacon CheeseburgerThe Original PloughburgerGardeburgerChickenburgerChilicheesburgerFresh PizzasAvailable toppings: Extra Cheese, bell pepper, garlic, tomato, onion, olive, mushroom, pineapple, beef, ham, sausage, pepperoni, jalapeno.   Mini10inch 14 inch 16 inch  Cheese $3.25 $4.50$8.50 $12.00  1 topping 4.25 5.50 9.00 13.50 2 toppings 4.50 6.00 9.75 15.00 3 toppings 5.25 6.50 10.75 16.00 vegetarian 5.75 7.50 12.00 18.00 special 6.50 7.50 13.50 18.00          

The Posters Are UP!

Apr 15, 2008

For those of you who have noticed that our walls have been a bit naked over the past year, we have some excellent news! We have put all of the … 

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The New Old Starry Plough

Dec 14, 2007

The Old New Starry Plough!

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Anthony Smith’s Trunk Fulla Funk

w/ Bulk and Machina Sol

May 30

A night of Indie rock RnB and More with

The Autonomous Region, HOE and The Fainting Goats

May 31 @ 9:30

An Evening of Female Fronted Soul with

London Street , The KTO Project and Sherri Ann Nyberg

Jun 5 @ 9:00

The Plough Presents

Cullan’s Hounds, The Porchsteps, and Ben Berstien’s Petting Zoo

Jun 6 @ 9:00

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