How to Write a Flawless Memories Essay Without a Hassle?

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How to Write an Essay on Memories?

Essays are by far the most common academic assignments faced by students of all ages. There are many different types of essays. Each type requires a different approach from a student. But, as many say, the hardest ones to write are creative tasks like an essay about memories.

In a nutshell, an essay on memories is just a regular essay. A memories essay should follow a standard essay structure that consists of three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The main distinctive feature of every essay about memories is its personal character. Papers that focus on the author’s experiences from real life like memories essay have to be very personal, touching, and reveal your true character.

Apart from this, every essay on memories should be well-structured and well-formatted. You need to keep it concise and straight to the point. And, most importantly, your memories essay should have some central idea – a thesis.

To help you get started and write your own essay about memories, we’ve gathered the three most inspiring examples of memories essay written by the participants of our events.

Memories Essay Sample 1

The first example we’d like to share with you is an essay on memories that discovers the importance of childhood memories:

Importance of Childhood Memories Essay

What is childhood to you? I think that many will say that childhood associates with the best times of our lives and that’s true. Childhood memories are what each of us cherishes throughout their entire lives. Each memory we have from childhood is what shapes us today. However, while there are happy childhood memories that make you feel good, there are also traumatic memories that influence our lives as adults.

Good or bad, childhood memories shape our personalities and our future. They do not define us. But, each memory puts a big footprint on who you are today and that’s why they are so important.

Positive memories keep our inner child alive, helping us grow into happy human beings. Childhood memories teach us to enjoy the little things in life. They help us live in the moment and discover true happiness inside us.

At the same time, negative childhood memories also play a big role in our lives. They may serve us as a reminder of our past experiences and may hurt. But, as soon as we get past our traumatic memories, it helps us grow stronger.

Thus, childhood memories play an important role in our lives. They help us become who we are and turn into our better selves from day to day.

Memories Essay Sample 2

Let’s take a look at one more essay about memories that focuses on traumatic experiences:

Essay on Memories that Changed Me

Every memory we make throughout our lives is a valuable experience and life lesson, regardless of whether it is a sad or a happy one. Some past experiences can be especially hurtful. But, each of them impacts us today and shapes our tomorrow. They inevitably change us, but even bad memories can make a positive impact.

The memory that changed me most took place on January 13, 2015. This was the day when a very special person left my life. It was my grandmother. My grandmother was a wonderful, wise, caring, and loving woman. Every moment I spent with her was a happy one. My grandmother was indeed a special person in my life. All the care and love she’s given to others was so huge regardless of any circumstances. When she was gone I realized how little care I’ve been giving her. I don’t remember where I was or what I was doing when I got the call. The only thing I remember is how I was thinking to myself “I wish I would’ve told her how much I loved her when she was still here,” on the day when I got this terrible news.

This memory has changed me forever. But, although it is a hurtful one, it still made a positive impact on me. Despite all the pain and sadness, it taught me the most important life lesson so far – being grateful for what you have now, cherish every moment, and retain happy memories.

Yes, our memories can disturb and hurt. But, behind every negative memory, there are many others, happy ones that you would want to treasure. And, if you focus on the latter ones, every change will be for the best!

Memories Essay Sample 3

Here is the last example of an essay on memories you can use to find inspiration:

My Childhood Memories Essay

I have plenty of memories from when I was a child. I lived in a big and very loving family with my parents and two siblings with whom we’ve been close like with nobody else. I remember playing with my siblings all day long. A special place in mind is taken by those winter evenings when we used to go out in the backyard, played snowballs, went sliding, and had the times of our lives.

Another big childhood memory is the aroma of gingerbread and hot cocoa that I smelled each time we came closer to our grandmother’s house during the Christmas holidays. Even now, after so many years, this combination of these scents magically brings me back to my childhood.

I also remember our family traditions. Fun picnics in the park by the lake during weekends, family movie nights, and road trips. All these childhood memories are dear to my heart. They made me who I am now. And every time I recall them, it makes me smile, no matter how hard the times are and this is the biggest magic of childhood memories.

The Bottom Line

Writing an essay about memories can be pretty challenging. Not only it takes good writing skills to create a good paper, but writing a memories essay in particular also requires you to show your true self, which makes the task even more difficult.

Hopefully, this article and memories essay examples we shared will help you grasp the main idea of how to write a flawless essay. The last tip we want to give you is to be yourself. The more real and sincere you can be in your essay, the better it will turn out!